Chinese Audio Book Bundle – Animals 动物

Chinese Audio Book Bundle – Animals 动物

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Learn all about animals, their names in both English and Chinese, and the sounds they make!

Take your child to visit animals in the farm, circus, ocean, and zoo just by reading this book! With eye-catching illustrations, this book is guaranteed to intrigue and engage your little one! 

Spot all the little circles to press, and be rewarded with the English and Chinese reading of that animal as well as the sound that it makes! Try pressing a 3rd time and you’ll get a surprise! 

Extend your stay home ‘play-at-home’ with our special dough and cutters/stampers! 

Kit includes:

  • 1 Bilingual Audio Book 动物 (from
  • x pcs stampers/cutters
  • 3 tubs of handcrafted pocket size dough (each weighing 120g)


We use quality essential oils (lemon and lavender) in our scented dough. Please do not select scented dough if your child has allergies or skin sensitivity. For children below the age of 3, we recommend you select our non-scented dough. Please kindly take note that colours of dough, roller, stamper designs, will all be packed randomly.

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