Blue Goose Sensory Book Kit

Blue Goose Sensory Book Kit

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What happens when you mix a clever little book + tubs of colourful homemade goodness?

You get to hold your child’s interest and also pour knowledge into their little heads, that’s what!

Introduce children to primary colours and the concept of secondary colours with this fun and exciting BOOK + DOUGH read-play-learn set!

Sneak peak at the beautifully crafted activity sheet that you can reuse a gazillion times!

This invitation to read-play-learn is most suitable for toddlers 18 months and up. Always remember to watch your little ones, and never leave them unattended.

KIT includes:

  • [Blue GOOSE] A curated book from
  • 3 tubs of taste safe doughs (200g each) [Red, blue and yellow]
  • A pizza cutter
  • Two activity sheets

Scented doughs are using essential oils (lemon and lavender) please do not choose scented if your LO has allergy or skin sensitivity. Our advise is to choose non scented for below 3 years of age.Please note colours of dough and stamper design will be pack randomly.



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