[DoughnMe Exclusive] Friends of the Sea – 9 PIECE CUTTERS



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DoughnMe Exclusive – “Friends of the Sea” – 9 PIECE CUTTERS is here! 

Introducing 9 of our new sea friends with each specially customised and designed.

Let’s dive into the sea to have an awesome experience of a lifetime!

And here are the friends you are going to meet! 🤩

Harold – the hammerhead SHARK
Steve – the SHARK
Ted – the TURTLE
Wesley – the WHALE
Stark – the STARFISH
Seally – the SEAHORSE
Jello – the JELLY FISH
Spot – the STINGRAY
Ole – the OCTOPUS

Have a happy swim! 🦈

Kit include:
– 1 set of 9 pieces “sea friends” cutters