[DoughnMe Exclusive] Friends of the Sea Sphere Kit

[DoughnMe Exclusive] Friends of the Sea Sphere Kit


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DoughnMe Exclusive – “Friends of the Sea” Sphere Kit is here! 

Introducing 9 of our new sea friends with each specially customised and designed.

Let’s dive into the sea to have an awesome experience of a lifetime!

And here are the friends you are going to meet! 🤩

Harold – the hammerhead SHARK
Steve – the SHARK
Ted – the TURTLE
Wesley – the WHALE
Stark – the STARFISH
Seally – the SEAHORSE
Jello – the JELLY FISH
Spot – the STINGRAY
Ole – the OCTOPUS

Have a happy swim! 🦈

Kit includes:
– 1 set of 9 pieces “sea friends” cutters
– 1 roller
– 2 tubs taste-safe doughs (200g each)

1. Colours of dough will be pack randomly.
2. Scented doughs are using essential oils (lemon and lavender) please do not choose scented if your LO has allergy or skin sensitivity. Our advise is to choose non scented for below 3 years of age.

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