[DoughnMe Exclusive] “Friends in the Woods” Cutters

[DoughnMe Exclusive] “Friends in the Woods” Cutters



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DoughnMe Exclusive – “Friends in the Woods” – CUTTERS is here! 

Introducing our “Friends in the Woods”.

Meet 9 new fun-loving, adorable and originally crafted creatures that you will typically find in the Woodlands and an amazing Lift-the-flap Nature book, dishing out bite-sized facts to curious little minds!

Learn about the flora and fauna of the Hidden World alongside Howard, Stix, Owen, Barry, Fred, Reye, Rachel, Dahl and Benny!

Who’s who!
Howard – The Hedgehog
Stix – The Squirrel
Owen – The Owl
Barry – The Badger
Fred – The Fox
Reye – The Racoon
Rachel – The Rabbit
Danielle – The Deer
Benny – The Bear

This exclusive designed cutters are specially made by @doughnme.sg in SINGAPORE.



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