Search, Find and Create Animal Starter Sensory Book Kit

Search, Find and Create Animal Starter Sensory Book Kit

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One of the best starter kits for little hands!

Introducing our ‘Search, Find and Create’ Animal Starter Sensory Kit for all animal lovers!

Another partnership together with Owl Readers Club, you’ll find thoughtfully created Sensory Kits that help parents spark their child’s imagination, stimulate curiosity, reinforce their literacy skills and mastery of language.

Search for silly animals and find even more hidden surprises in the foldout scenes!

Can you find a pair of birds playing badminton, a gibbon with a ribbon, and a starfish shining in the spotlight?

Young children are prompted to search six busy foldout scenes to find the illustrations highlighted on the large flaps. Each colourful spread features 20 things to find, plus additional amusing animals on a Farm, in the Arctic, under a Jungle Canopy, beneath the Waves, across the Savannah, and in the Nighttime Woods.

As readers explore the pages and find the animals, they will encounter other creatures scampering about—so parents can help children identify and learn the names of even more animals.

Punch out 6 different animals using our block cutter and our homemade, chemical-free, taste safe dough!

Kit Includes:
– 6 animal cutters all rolled into one block! (It is super easy to clean and you’ll never misplace any particular animal).
– 2 tubs of 200g dough
– 1 pizza cutter (Straight or zig-zag, randomly pack)
– 1 of the best busy books ‘Search and Find: Animals’ from

1. Colours of dough will be pack randomly.
2. Scented doughs are using essential oils (lemon and lavender) please do not choose scented if your LO has allergy or skin sensitivity. Our advice is to choose non scented for below 3 years of age

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