1. What is our Doughs made of?

They are made of plain flour, salt, water, cream of tartar, oil and food-grade coloring.

These ingredients are taste-safe, non toxic & has great texture for the little hands. No eggs, nuts for any mummies who are concern with regards to allergy.

  1. Is there a shelf life for the dough?

Our dough is made with natural ingredients, thus preferably that you follow the below caring tips to lengthen the shelf life.

We have tested many times with little ones and the dough can last usually around 2 months onwards. Keep the dough back into the air-tight container to prevent drying up. Also, make sure the little hands are not wet before playing. Play with it frequently helps in increasing the shelf life too! Refrigerate it after play will be great too!

Always, check out the dough by smelling and touching before handing it over to the little ones.

These handcrafted doughs, are freshest and finest you can find! Totally at ease when the little ones touch them. Even if they accidentally place it into their mouth, no worries! Of cause, do not deliberately eat them, not quite tasty as it is salty.

  1. Any age group limit for the dough play?

It is suitable from ages 18 months and up.  Even up to 10 years of age, children have enjoyed playing with our dough because it’s fun to let their imagination go wild! Younger children get to use their sense of touch to practise life skills and also learning basic letters, numbers, shapes, animals, etc. Older children, use these doughs to create amazing things too! It is good to distract them away from screens with these handcrafted play tools.

  1. Why play dough? What is the different with commercial ones?

We believe in learning through sensory play and play dough is one of the most popular way of engaging the little ones. We have many different types of dough kits, which provide endless learning possibilities. Get yourself one, to experience this amazing sensory tool!

Commercial ones are made with unknown ingredients, might be toxic as they have chemicals & preservatives. Also, we are confident that the texture of the dough is way better than those. The smell of the dough is also quite unbearable with those commercial ones, thus we personally have never let our little ones touch them. I believe many mummies will agree with me on this.

  1. Can we send this as a gift?

Yes, definitely! This is a perfect gift for little children. It comes in a box with a personalised message for the recipient too! Just let us know what you need, we can do customisation for you too! Any themes, colours, just feel free to buzz us, we will do our best to cater to your preference.

  1. Why your play dough doesn’t look like the commercial ones with smooth finishing?

We took pride in the things we do and as such, each play dough is specially made using hand (not machine) upon ordered. It’s not as smooth and you see unevenness or small particles because the ingredients are really natural and chemical free, and therefore it is safe for your little ones.

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