Inspiration Puzzle Kit

Inspiration Puzzle Kit

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What are the professionals out there? Let the little ones imagine with INSPIRATION of WHO THEY WANT TO BE when they grow up!

Amazingly packed with
• Simple text and fun facts
• practical activities on a colourful and fun 6 sets puzzle from

WE have created this excellent combination of PLAY for your little ones to learn and explore!

Comprises of some dough play, and a 6 sets puzzle with 2 different LEVEL of difficulty! Suitable for ages 2 and above!

This kit includes
– WHO AM I Puzzle (
– 3 tubs of doughs (120g)

1. Colours of dough will be pack randomly.
2. Please note colours for doughs/stamper/rollers/extruders varies from picture.
3. We use quality essential oils (lemon and lavender) in our scented dough. Please do not select scented dough if your child has allergies or skin sensitivity. For children below the age of 3, we recommend you select our non-scented dough.

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