“PROM” Sphere with Kit

“PROM” Sphere with Kit


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Girls!!!! We have something for you. A little sweet princessy dough kit just like you. The dough colours are matchy sweet pink, deep pink, royal purple & natural cream. Send this as a gift to the little girls & we believe they will adore this set.

It consists of the following:

  • 4 tubs of 200g dough in sweet pink, deep pink, royal purple & natural cream
  • 4 cutters
  • 1 extruder
  • 1 roller

*Colours may have slight variation from the photos, as each dough is handmade.

Scented doughs are using essential oils (lemon and lavender) please do not choose scented if your LO has allergy or skin sensitivity. Our advise is to choose non scented for below 3 years of age.Please note colours of dough and stamper design will be pack randomly.


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